Testimony from Business Phone Users
Freight Forwarding Company
Truly satisfied with IPZOO phone service, not only have your VOIP technologies helped my company greatly by reducing the costs on my phone bills, your phone service quality is impeccable when comparing to many others that I have used previously. One more thing with regard to customer service, all my questions were answered and technical issues were resolve at a very fast pace. You really provide the best VOIP business phone service that I have ever come across! Really like your products and services!
Kayla Haggerty, FAR Shipping Inc.
Travel Agency
For any long established small business, I believe "reputation" that was build up with hard work over years and years is something they do not want to lose. As a travel agency, our reputation is the foundation that allows us to compete in our industry. Being able to immediately deliver travel information to our customers really is the key. For my company right now let's say there are four customers calling in all at the same time. Instead of missing any of the phone calls just one customer representative can answer all 4 calls with the technology that Seawolf's VOIP phone service provided. I will definitely recommend IPZOO business phone to my friends!
Daniel Cheng, Asian Leisure Travel
Education Company
I was referred to Ipzoo business phone service by a friend of mine. To be honest, in the beginning I was very concerned about how stable is the new VOIP technology and the overall quality at such a low price each month. But after using it for more than 2 years I am more than satisfied with Ipzoo. I run a small business institute and have offices around the city. With Ipzoo, I can contact my other offices with just a push of a IP phone button and actually make my company look bigger than it actually is with my customized phone system greetings.
Terrence Lin, PBI School of Business
Law Office
You guys really offer one of the best VOIP phone service out there. I am now able to run my law office seamlessly with your top notch advanced business PBX system. Your 24/7 trouble shooting support system is great. Not only are you able to solve my issues in a timely manner, you guys are also very responsive in meeting my special business requests. I am now able to communicate with my business clients overseas seamlessly and also able to make conference calls with them. Great phone service, thank you ipzoo.com.
David Landry, Law Office of David Landry
Import/Export Company
First, I would like to thank your company's sales rep for answering all my questions in detail regarding your VOIP phone service features before I purchased the service. Your customer service is also very attentive and responsive. Second, I would like to tell you I am very pleased with your overall phone service and quality. With your business phone recording functions, I am now able to track my sales team progress and improve my company's overall telecommunication efficiency. After using your phone service for more than a year now, I can't find any reason to switch to another company!
Asia Best Imports, Andy Chow