VOIP Phone Service Features
Phone System Features
Are you tired of having to pay for phone service features such as 3-way calling, caller ID, and call waiting? IPZOO offers all of these, plus a variety of standard features, to both business and home phone customers at no additional cost. Sign up now and in no time you can start enjoying all these powerful phone features and our low rates.
Receive and manage voice messages by phone, Web, and e-mail.
Three-Way Calling
With 3-Way Calling, you can connect with two other parties at the same time. The three of you can talk simultaneously.
On-Net Calls
On-Net Calls are always free with your monthly calling plan.
Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)
Block "Anonymous" numbers
Speed Dial
Dial a single digit to get your phone number.
Call Forwarding
You can send incoming calls to any phone number you choose in the US.
Call Transfer
You may have your call transferred to a phone number of your choosing. Your calls are transferred immediately.
Do Not Disturb (*78)
Forward your calls to voicemail, without the ring!.
Call Waiting
Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you're already on a call.
Caller ID
Caller ID will display the name and phone number of your incoming caller whenever it is available.
Call Return (*69)
Returns your last incoming call automatically.
Repeat Dialing (*66)
Calls a busy number for you until you get through.
Use your IPZOO phone service on vacation
Option 1:
    Bring your IPZOO adapter with you.
    **Simply plug in your IPZOO adapter with any working internet cable.
Option 2:
    Forward all calls to your mobile phone.
    **From Home press *72+1+mobile #.
For an international mobile, press *72+011+country code + mobile #.