FAQ for Ipzoo VOIP Phone Service
What is Ipzoo VOIP phone service?
IPZOO offers you a lot of great phone service features over your high-speed Internet connection for local, long distance, and international calls. For one price and one convenient monthly bill, you can enjoy all the calling features we offer. You can make UNLIMITED on-net calls to your family and friends. You get a FREE phone number from IPZOO. And best of all - there are more great calling features coming soon!
What are the different IPZoo calling Plans for business and home?
IPZoo has three different kinds of monthly phone service plans to choose from:
  1. Business VOIP Phone Service: FREE unlimited calls to USA, Canada, China and other 30+ international countries, perfect for small business owner!
  2. Residential World Phone Plan: FREE unlimited calling for only $15.88 per month to U.S. Canada and 30+ international countries.
  3. Residential World Phone Plan 500: FREE 500 minutes for only $9.99 per month to call USA, Canada, China and 30+ on-net countries/regions.
If calls are made to destinations not included in your VOIP business or home calling plan, or phone plan minutes exceed your business or home calling plan minutes, they will be deducted from your pre-paid account balance.
What are the requirements to use IPZoo?
You need Broadband Internet service, a VOIP phone adapter, and a telephone for your home phone service.
You need Broadband Internet service, and IP Phones for your business phone service. We can provide all of these to you.
How do I sign up for IPZoo VOIP phone service?
You can sign up online or by calling 1-800-508-3315 to order our VOIP Phone service.
What happens when I sign up for IPZoo?
When you sign up for one of the IPZoo plans, you get a new FREE phone number or you can keep your old phone number. You will be able to make and receive calls right away and enjoy many of the advanced VOIP phone features that come with it!
What are the calling features available using my IPZoo phone service?
IPZOO phone service features include but not limited to: Voicemail, Conference call, 3-Way Calling, Area Code Selection, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Return(*69), Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR), Do Not Disturb(*78), Last Number Redial, Repeat Dialing, Simultaneous Ring, Phone Recording, and Calling History.
What payment methods does IPZoo accept for my business or home phone plan?
We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express.
How do I install my new IPZoo phone adapter?
IPZoo phone adapters are fully and automatically configured for your VOIP phone service. All you need to do is connect your IPZoo phone adapter to your regular set phone and your internet connection. Then you can start making and receiving calls!
How do I make a phone call using IPZoo?
You simply need to follow the calling instruction below.
To call within the United States, to Canada or to the Caribbean:
Dial 1 + area code + phone number
To call other country:
Dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
Can I use your phone service when I travel?
Yes. Just take your IPZOO phone adapter with you when you travel and connect it to an Internet connection anywhere in the world. You can place and receive calls just like when you're at home.
How can I check my phone plan's calling detail?
You can login to your IPZoo online phone service account to check your phone plan's calling detail records, to recharge the prepaid fees, and to modify your account information.
How do I pay my monthly phone plan bill?
When you sign up for any of the IPZoo calling plans, your account will automatically charge your credit card for the monthly phone service fees and the pre-paid costs.
(A) Monthly Service Charge: A monthly phone service charge will occur once a month on the date that your calling plan cycle renews. This date is determined by the date you registered for the calling plan.
(B) Pre-paid Cost: Calls made to destinations not included in your calling plan, and any phone usage charges exceeding your calling plan's minutes, are deducted from your pre-paid account balance. Upon signup, you will receive a credit line that becomes your phone service account balance. When the account balance falls below a certain amount, your credit card might be automatically charged.
What is Money Back Guarantee Trial Period (refund policy)?
IPZOO.com offers a 30 day risk free trial period to customers for all IPZOO phone service plans. If you are not satisfied with the service, you may terminate the IPZOO phone plan at any time during the 30 days trial period. To terminate the IPZOO VOIP Phone service, you must send the equipment back to IPZOO. (IPZOO does not provide any return postage nor will IPZOO refund any cost of postage for returning the equipment.) Once IPZOO receives the returned equipment, IPZOO will make a full refund to your credit card deducting one month's original service fee and the cost of shipping & handling for the equipment.
How to call back from China via your VOIP phone service?
Friends in China can reach your home phone in the US by just dialing your user account number after they connect to a China local phone number: 400-668-2880. They ONLY need to pay the local phone rate instead of paying an international toll charge. No phone card is needed! Here is how your friends can call you from China via our IPZoo phone service.
    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Tell us your friend's number.
    3. Ask your friend to call 400-668-2880.